Jul 30, 2012

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Kindle Shopping!

One of the things I have learned to enjoy is reading with my iPad’s Kindle App. It makes me realize how far technology has gone! I remember the days when I would spend hours in the library or at the bookstore just going through all the books there. Back in the day, I was a voracious reader! I loved series like Sweet Valley High and the like, then I eventually progressed to Stephen King novels and romances like Danielle Steele. Now, I am beginning to appreciate reading through various ebook readers, be it the Kindle, the iPad, and even my android phone. What I like about ebook readers is that they automatically justify and “fix” the pages unlike how the first pdf readers used to be! I remember once having a pocket pc (kinda like a palm pilot) and some of the pdf files would be so hard to read. The other day, I spent hours in another type of  “library”…the Kindle store! Yey! I tried all those sample books and was even able to get some that were free! Yey :)


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