Jul 31, 2012

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Kitchen Escapades

Well, well, well….of all surprises, I suddenly find myself exploring the kitchen more and more lately. Nope, not just to eat, but to actually cook :) Haha. I guess that’s one of the unexpected perks of turning vegetarian! Haha. Seriously, though, recently, a friend was posting about her own raw kitchen escapades and I saw all the yummy stuff that was popping out of her dehydrator and blender and all sorts of kitchen equipment. I may not have those, but I do have the old, trust, basic equipment: a blender, an oven toaster and a food processor. That’s gotta do for now. Maybe someday I’d own nice and pretty kitchen gadgets. I do (not-so) secretly drool over those commercial kitchen equipment at RapidsWholesale.com, after all! Well, I don’t need such large scale equipment but I sure would love those gadgets!

Maybe I should go to cooking school, yes? Gah. The things that have happened since I stopped teaching preschool, I tell ya!

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