Jul 30, 2012

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Olympic Pride

As many may know the Olympic Games are now underway. When I was younger, I was a big fan of the gymnastics events. I was monitoring it over the news lines just a few minutes ago and I feel so bad for the US gymnast who lost out on securing a slot for the individual competition! It must be heartbreaking for Jordyn Weiber to miss out on something she worked so hard for.

In other news, however, the reason I decided to write this post was because I can’t help but feel an extra bit of pride for our Philippine delegation, especially since the swimmer, Jasmine AlKhaldi, was a former student of the school I used to teach for! Amazing! I love seeing how former students have progressed and where they have ended up in their lives :) I wish her all the best! I may not have been personally her teacher, but nonetheless, this teacher is proud :)

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