Aug 7, 2012

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On Suspensions and How Things Have Changed

When Typhoon Ondoy first struck, I wrote a post asking how schools and workplaces should respond in times of disaster such as that which was happening at that moment. That entry was coming from my point of view as a college instructor who often saw cancellations of classes happening when the floodwaters were too high already.and many students, teachers and employees were stranded. Today, most of the country is once again finds itself submerged in flood waters. What I noticed was different, however, is that there seems to be a more set system in preventing the problems of Ondoy from happening. I am grateful that there are earlier warnings and announcements nowadays. I’m glad, too, that these suspensions included not only students and teachers but also those working in the government and the private sector.

As a teacher, I do recognize that I am lucky because work gets called off on days like these, but those working for companies and the like, don’t. Granted that the system isn’t perfect yet, and there were days when the cancellations caused frustrations to parents and students especially when they came later, but at least there is change. At least from my perspective.

There is more to be done, I believe, and I don’t think it is just the government that needs to do this. We need to do this together.

Once again many of our country men will be needing help. As early as now I am seeing how social media is playing a big role in the call for help and providing support. Let’s maximize this power and support each other in the face of this new challenge. As soon as I see more formal lists of centers to send help to, I will gladly post it.

Stay safe everyone.

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