Aug 5, 2012

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When Ads Fail

This morning, as has become customary since the Olympics began, I got my fill of Olympic updates while checking my mail and Facebook. Then I saw this header that said something about a television company being asked to apologize for an ad of a monkey doing gymnastics right after American Gabby Douglas won the gold medal for all-around gymnastics.

While the station has been said to apologize for the poor timing of the ad and that no offense was meant by it’s airing, it did leave a barrage of comments and reactions. It reminded me of this ad that really irks me every time I see it:

I’m not an advertiser and I know those who come up with these campaigns work very hard at coming up with their ideas. More often than not, I love their ads. THe same optical company had an ad once about a guy getting a tattoo and his tattoo artist had poor eyesight. That often made me laugh. However, this one, leaves a sour taste for me. Just my opinion.

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