I am Teacher Ria

If you asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to be, I never thought being a teacher would be it. I sort of just fell in to it. In many ways, it was the best “accident” that happened to me. Well, to be more precise, a series of accidents.

Why do I call it an accident?

Well, for one,  I accidentally applied to a course that is geared towards teaching. When I applied for UP, I chose Psychology as my first choice, then I was told to get a non-quota course as a second choice. They said Family Life and Child Development would be a good option for me as I wanted to go into medicine. How was I to know it was teaching?!? After all, it was under the College of Home Economics. Shouldn’t teaching fall under College of Education???

Secondly, I became a college instructor as a result of a decision I made at the spur of a moment. For some reason, one day I woke up and said “I want to take up a masters degree”. With little to go on and no research with what to take, I went to the De La Salle University College of Liberal Arts to inquire and found out the deadline for application was a day or two later. Before I left the university that day, my application was filed. I ended up being invited to teach in the Psychology department a few years later.

Lastly, I have never really been a great student. I’ve dealt with learning difficulties and yet managed to make it through with honors many times because of my unconventional way of learning: learning by doing and learning through accidentally stumbling my way to the answers.

These make me the Accidental Teacher, a teacher who not only teaches, but also learns along the way.

Join me as I continue to learn my way through life, and hopefully make my mark teaching you a thing or two here in cyberspace :-)

Teacher Ria

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