Jul 22, 2014

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Getting Back on Track

Since I finished my thesis, I have found my writing voice silenced.  I can barely write.  It’s not like the creative juices can only be found here and there, right? Gah. I am determined, however, to find it again. After all, a silenced teacher won’t get far, right? And so here I am again, trying to find it. Anything you want to hear from me? Just holler and let us see if I can get this ball rolling.



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Mar 14, 2014

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Summer Fun Programs

As the school year draws to a close, there are a whole bunch of summer fun programs opening up to keep the kids busy and active during the next few months. I am surely looking forward to leading a Kids Yoga program at Appleseed Montessori, a preschool in Makati. A friend of mine is doing an arts and crafts program in Alabang, so do check them out on Facebook (Artsy Fartsy Alabang). A fellow Radiant Child Yoga teacher friend of mine is doing a yoga and social skills workshop in Pampanga and the list is endless!

These programs will definitely be a good way to engage the children over the summer and explore their potentials outside of the academic realm. To all teachers, schools, program heads, and the like, please feel free to leave a comment on this post and include your Facebook link or webiste :) Don’t you love how Social Media and the Internet can help save on wholesale brochure printing costs? Teehee.

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Feb 22, 2014

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When Students Succeed

In the midst of all the excitement of the Sochi Olympics, the presence of the lone Filipino skater surely got the attention of the nation. Then one day, while browsing Facebook, I saw a post from one of my former teachers who said that the skater was actually from our school. I took a look and then realized he used to be my student! Woah :)

It is such a thrill to see my students from preschool make something of themselves. I know it had very little to none of my doing, but it definitely made me smile.

So…I’ve taught an Olympic skater and I also have a former student who is the first Filipino astronaut. I’d like to think I’ve been a blessed teacher, yes? :)

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Feb 2, 2014

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Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

It’s been a while since I posted something about preschool, but since I got asked the question, I guess it’s a good time to answer it :) First of all, let me share why giving children fine motor skills activities is important. Well, here’s something to think about: Imagine writing your name with your non-dominant hand, it’s hard, right? Why is it difficult? Simple: the skill is underdeveloped. Coordination is difficult as well.

Developing fine motor skills, in tandem with hand-eye coordination, is essential in basic academic tasks and in many of our life skills as well. Writing,for example, begins with well developed fine motor skills. Sadly, nowadays children are forced to develop penmanship skills even before they are ready.

Working on fine motor abilities, such as hand/finger dexterity, flexibility in the wrist, and small and controlled movements will help them achieve academic competencies with more ease and less discomfort. Plus it tends to be more developmentally appropriate.

Activities that can help include:

1. Paper Tearing – give them sheets of colored paper (or even scratch paper or old magazines) and work on tearing them into small pieces. At first, you will observe that they will grasp with all fingers coming into a fist. Over time, they will learn to use the fingers with more flexibility and control.

2. Play dough – allow them to work through the dough and watch how they manipulate it to shapes. Eventually they will learn to roll, mold, shape and piece together, other than pound and throw only :)

3. Barrel Beads – this is best type of bead to begin with because they’re large enough to hold and with large holes to shoot string through. Not recommended for very young children though, more for the older groups. Over time, they can graduate to decorative beads. Maybe some of them might even discover paper beads or jewelry beads. Who knows, maybe someday one of them will end up being a jewelry designer for and you can order their pieces online, such as from JoyJewelers.com or even Instagram of Facebook!

4. Finger paints – the use of finger paints give them more of a hands-on (literally) experience rather than just paintbrushes. Nonetheless, paintbrushes are also awesome.

5. Lacing/Sewing cards – these are great tools to teach wrist flexibility and concentration.

There are many other activities that can help, but I guess this is good for now :) Please do drop me a line for suggestions or other questions!

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Jan 13, 2014

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Teacher’s New Toy!!!

At long last, I finally decided to upgrade my laptop. Woohoo. It was a bit of a random decision to get it, I must admit, but definitely long needed. I even splurged and got a few accessories for my new MacBook Air :) Got a VGA connector and a pretty teal Speck case. An upside to having waited so long for this upgrade: got my Pages, Numbers and Keynote ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Woohooooo.

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