Aug 6, 2010

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The Seniors Tie Dye Project

For our discussion on clothing (as part of how we take care of our body) and colors, I decided to let the kids experiment on tie dying this week :-) I started out the week with a discussion on primary and secondary colors, particularly how primary colors can mix together to make a new color. Since then my kids have been calling red, blue and yellow “magic colors” because they can become something else when mixed.

We also discussed the different types of clothing we wear and for what purpose (i.e. raincoats, aprons, gloves, socks, costumes and so on and so forth :-) )

For a culminating activity, we made rainbow shirts!

The kids had a blast! So did teacher :-) I was a bit worried at first about how this would have turned out, mainly because my past experiences with these activities were not very good. Luckily, my partner, Teacher Joy, had experience in this and did great in mixing the dye. I usually put too much water and I used to use vinegar instead of salt in the mixture. Plus I used to “cook” the shirts. Apparently, that was wrong! Haha!

This time, what we did was to prepare the different colors of dye then tie up the shirt and dye it section by section. Plus I squeezed out the excess dye before moving to the next color. Success! For the shirts that kinda had extra white spaces on it, we decided to use the stampers to add some flair :-)

Again, the kids exclaimed “this was the bestest day ever, Teacher!”

We did the shirts yesterday and today, before heading home, we tried it on!

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Jul 9, 2010

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Excuses, Schmexcuses.

There are a few excuses I hate to get from my students. For one, I hate it when they come to class late and offer up the lame reason “Miss, it was traffic, eh”. Some even have the audacity to say, “I come pa kasi from Alabang” (I still come from Alabang). I reply: so did I.

I also hate it when they forget to bring in their homework. What gets my goat is when they say “But Miss, my printer didn’t have ink” or “But Miss, the line in the internet shop outside was so long!” and to top it off “The computer shop cant open .docx files”. Um…hello?

What irks me most, however, is when the students seem to forget common sense. For example, I can’t get why students think that walking into an elevator at the same time those inside are trying to walk out. Isn’t it common sense?

The other day, I was consoling a friend as she was checking her students’ tests, many of which were extremely low. She was feeling low about it, especially since she knew she gave the kids adequate resources to do well in the test. She even pointed out that some items used rephrased terms that came from her lectures. That set off an endless barrage of comments between us, pointing out how sometimes, the students don’t think hard enough or even analyze what they are taking. It’s as if it’s all a game for them. That got me to talking about the lack of common sense or perhaps, the lack of care for common sense. My friend jokingly replied, that’s not a lack of common sense…kulang lang sa prenatal vitamins at gatas yan!  (It’s probably not a lack of common sense….maybe it’s a lack of prenatal vitamins and milk growing up, that’s why!)

To be fair, there are those who do well and care deeply for their grades, and do think before they act. I think one reason why students behave the way they do is because of the changes in the way life is nowadays. While we still live in a very social world, it’s more of an online social world that makes the dynamics of working with others quite different.

Sorry, World…you had to make it through a teacher rant!

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Jul 8, 2010

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What’s Inside My Body?

Today was a super fun day with the Seniors of Playschool! Thanks to a friend of mine who suggested making one of those cut-out standees, I was able to make learning about the body a more enjoyable and meaningful experience for my preschoolers.

Because my students are Seniors, and especially since most of them were from my class last school year as Juniors, we have progressed from naming the visible parts of our body to the internal parts.We also talked about what it does for the body. For example, we talked about what happens to food when it goes to the tummy and how our body gets rid of excess waste. As a follow up, we will be reading Taro Gami’s book “Everybody Poops”.

So today I tried my best to make a replica of a human body. Pardon me if the dimensions and locations are not 100% accurate, but I used one of the school books to guide me :-)

After creating the model, we took photos with our standee :-)

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Jun 18, 2010

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The Seniors Go Investigating!

The first week of school has come and gone and I’d like to think we got off to a good start!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, majority of my students came from my class last school year so getting to know you activities are not as extensive. Also, since they are mostly familiar with the school, touring the facility was nothing new to them.

As such, I decided to make our school tour more than just a “getting to know my school” activity. I decided to do a thinking exercise to get our learning process started. I also thought that this would be a good way to assess their present capabilities and also gauge what my the two new additions to my class can do.

I started out with a drawing activity with the kids making a picture about what they think they can do, see, find or use in Playschool.

Here are a few examples of their responses:

Then we charted out their ideas and finally set off around the school to find out more about their hypotheses. After finding out if those things they drew were present in school or not, we also had brief discussions about what these were for, where it could be found and how to use these things. At the end, we had this chart:

It was a fun activity, although it was so hot so the kids and I ended up so sweaty and exhausted afterward!

This is definitely the kind of things I will miss when I “retire” from being a preschool teacher. Like many of my readers know, I am planning to make this year my last teaching year because I am no spring chicken anymore! I can feel the age creeping in. Although I do hope I can still do some consultancy or administrative work in the preschool level in the future. However, while it may be physically gentler for me, I’m sure it will be an adjustment to me, especially when it comes to the nitty-gritty details of the job such as filing business credit reports, wading through paperwork, attending to payroll, and making sure the bills are paid on time. Plus of course making sure the teachers get their benefits and the school turns a profit. Now that I think about it, it appears that teaching the kids may be a wiser decision!!!

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May 1, 2009

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Raising a Bookworm Contest Winner!

Thank you for making fist contest of  theaccidentalteacher.com a huge success! In the next few days, watch out for the new contest that I will be launching.

There was a total of 27 unique entries with 44 raffle entries for the Raising a Bookworm contest. As promised, the winner was selected this morning, with the aid of the online software Random.Org.

The results are in!


Congratulations Jamie! You are the winner of the  Php 300.00 Fullybooked gift certificate!

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Apr 26, 2009

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The Hungry Caterpillar

One of my favorite stories for Circle Time is Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I love how it is so colorful and fun, and that from one story, I can talk about a lot of different concepts ranging from the days of the week to rote counting and even the butterfly’s life cycle. Coincidentally, a few days after I used the story in my toddlers class,  I found a bunch of caterpillars munching on the leaves in a flowering plant (I’m not sure what it’s called, but in Filipino we call it calachuchi). I excitedly took the plant and created a terrarium where my kids could watch the life cycle happen right before their very eyes!

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