In the Classroom

Welcome to my new classroom with no walls :-)

There are,  however, categories that can help make navigating this classroom with some ease.

The Teacher’s Corner will perhaps be the, for lack of better words, cornerstone of this site. This is where you will find my POV’s on issues new and old. This is also a place for me to share with you insights I gain from being in and out of the classroom. Featured role models and inspirational figures will also be found here.

The Library is a collection books and stories that are near and dear to me, whether I use them in my classroom or not, while the Multimedia Center will be review all forms of technology and how they have truly changed the world of teaching and learning.

What would teaching be without toys and playthings? As any good preschool teacher knows, play is at the core of learning. The Toys and Playthings section of this site will be a treasure trove of all things that spell f-u-n in learning.

I strongly believe in recycling and making the most out of what is around me. In my classroom, my materials are not always bought. Check out the Arts & Scraps section for suggestions on how to transform scraps to cute and fun art projects.

Explore the Kiddie Kitchen for recipes and concoctions! One of my favorite ways to teach math is through cooking activities, and let me tell you, the kids love it too!!!

Lastly, I don’t think I would have made it through over ten years of teaching with out the help of many of those who came before me. As such, this is my attempt to give back to all those who teach. Being a preschool teacher and a college instructor has made me realize the importance of building a repertoire of Tips and Tricks that will not only make the job easier, but also allow me to have fun.

This site is dedicated to all teachers, young and old, as well as to parents who have taken on not just the enormous task of raising a child, but have made the decision to take it a step further by homeschooling.

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