Apr 9, 2011

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After Oprah…

A few months ago, I wrote about Oprah’s upcoming retirement and the end of a 25-season run of her syndicated talk show. I think the end will come sometime in September this year. Just a few days ago (before my TV conked out haha!) I saw trailers in one of the local channels about the last season of the show starting it’s run this April.

Like I had said in that previous post, I had always considered Oprah as one of my greatest teachers. I think I outlined my reasons pretty well already in that article, so I won’t say it again anymore. What I will miss, however, when the show goes off the air, is how I will no longer have the anecdotes to use in class! Haha. After all, it is through her that I got to learn about people like Dr. Phil who gave me interesting things to talk about in my Clinical Psych classes, and Nate Berkus who’s ability to make even the plainest and most boring door plates look pretty (and yes, I got to use this in decorating my preschool classrooms too).

Anyway, I’m sure her show will be sorely missed by her regular viewers and I don’t doubt that she will likewise miss doing that daily. In many ways, that’s still how I feel about having left the preschool. However, I am lucky that, like Oprah, I don’t have to leave that world completely. I can be a teacher, even outside that classroom after all, right? :)


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Apr 9, 2011

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Today’s Random Snappy: Oh The Joy!

Yes, it makes me happy to know I am remembered :)

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Apr 1, 2011

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What You See is Not Aways What You Get

Throughout the trimester, I have discussed various core concepts in human development with my students on Developmental Psychology. Because they are college students, however, I gave extra attention to the discussions on adolescent development and behavior. I appreciated how candid they were in discussing their experiences and thoughts about things going on around them. It doesn’t surprise me, however, that many of their concerns were still congruent to my concerns as an adolescent.

One thing we discussed is all about adolescent egocentrism and why people at that stage are likely to engage in extremely high risk behaviors, such as experimenting with drugs and alcohol, driving under the influence, unprotected sexual relations and the like. We talked about the biological, psychological and other factors that contribute to that. We also went on to discuss the dangers and repercussions of such behaviors. Often times, because of their sense of invinsibility (which comes from their egocentrism), they think ‘that can’t happen to me’.

I have to admit that even I tend to think that way every now and then, yes, even if I am no longer an adolescent. This is perhaps because we tend to take things for granted too often. For example, one of my biggest faults is my tendency to text or check my phone when I get stuck in traffic. I rationalize that I do this only when I am stopped, but too often a time, I catch myself driving with my phone in my hands without even thinking about it. It’s become a habit, sad to say. So it takes conscious effort to remind myself to not do it.  Once, I remember I kinda bumped into the curb (thank God it was just the curb!) because I wasn’t paying attention because I was engrossed with my phone.

Other high risk behaviors adolescents and young adults alike tend to engage in is driving under the influence (errr…yes yes yes… :) ) During our lectures I got to ask them what behaviors they do, even though they know it can be risky. The most common response I got from them was “I drive even if I had one or two beers/shots/drinks“. To be honest, initial thought bubble that flashed in my head was : that’s okay, as long as you’re not hilo (yes, spoken like a true margarita queen haha). Granted that we can tolerate a certain safe level of alcohol in our system, we cannot deny that it does impair us in many levels, especially in excessive amounts. For one, physically we become less inhibited and more carefree. Motor coordination and reflexes are likewise affected. On a cognitive level, our judgment is also impaired. We fail to recognize signs, focus on details and this can affect spatial reasoning. Take for example this photo:

this is a public safety awareness sign made by Toyota to drive (pardon the pun!) home an important point: driving under the influence impairs your judgment :)

If I were driving and I was a little too tipsy, I may assume that I could go, because the light is green, right? However, it says red. When we’re drunk, we might not notice the little details, thus leading to accidents and even death. That is but one example of impaired judgment when driving drunk.

Driving under the influence claims countless lives all over the world on a daily basis. It was funny that as I lectured on this in class, I myself was struck with that reminder to be more aware of my behaviors. I’m not going to pretend I’ve never done that, get behind the wheel after having a drink or two, I mean. I won’t make any excuses about it either. What I will do, however, is remind myself, just the way I have learned to do so when it comes to mobile texting (yes that’s what I used to call driving and texting), there is much responsibility in my fingertips: use it wisely.



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Mar 30, 2011

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When Tweens take it Too Far

In my developmental psychology class last week, I got asked an interesting question. The student asked me why tweens (meaning 10-13 year olds) seem to be so much older now than when she was a tween herself. She went on to explain that when she was younger, she didn’t worry much about how she looked and whether she was thin enough or her breasts big enough (which actually is the typical developmental expectation). She said she noticed that the tweens now seem to be going thorough what she did when she was about 15-16.

It dawned on me that she was right. I explained that the role of modern technology and media’s influence, for example, has influenced that a lot. Take for example young teen shows now and compare them with the ones before. Very different. The tweens of today deal with much more. They are consumed with finding fat burners, getting plastic surgery, and in some cases, wanting to be pregnant because they think its cool. All misread messages.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t blame media completely. It’s a vicious cycle.And so I explained in class that as we continue to grow and change, and as the generations pass, the needs and experiences vary. When we went on to discuss the next phase of the human life, we also saw how there are changes too, like now a college degree doesn’t seem to be enough anymore, right?


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Mar 30, 2011

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Something to Think About…

I recently attended an Open House at the Bannister Academy and I came across this sign in their campus. It got me to thinking: what would my answer be.


Those who know me well will say I value outside opinion way too much. I would definitely agree. I tend to operate on the idea that if others approve of it, then its good. In the same way, I am a stickler for rules. In fact in college, I never once cut a class the way the typical college student does….with that meaning signing attendance than sneaking out. Haha.

So…this sign made me realize one thing: authenticity. How authentic a person are you?


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Mar 30, 2011

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A Whole Lot of Things To Celebrate

It dawned to me that it’s been a while since I last really updated my blogs because I’ve been so busy with so many things. Sure, I get to cram several posts in a day, but that’s usually because it’s the only free day I get, so I end up writing three to five posts in a row. When I first started, I was kinda able to post at least one daily. *sigh*

But then, I have to take pause and recognize that I am not able to post not only because I’ve been so busy with work, but also I’ve been so busy with celebrating life’s great miracles (oh…and mysteries at times hehe!)…these include

  • welcoming new friends and opportunities
  • touching base with friends from way back
  • saying goodbye to people and things that no longer have a place in my life
  • trying on new “hats” and “stilettos”
  • being able to witness so many changes in the lives of people around me, such as friends getting married, having babies and all

See…too many things going on. So much so I am contemplating hording on little presents and tokens like those little toy silver spoons or bubble gum cigars to hand out to all my wonderful friends and loved ones who have so many things to celebrate :)

As for me, one thing I am ready to celebrate is the coming of summer :) What are you celebrating? Care to share?

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Mar 27, 2011

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Higher Learning

As I was making my final exam for the developmental psychology class I am teaching this trimester, I was suddenly reminded of the movie Higher Learning. It’s been quite a long time since that film was released, but it dawned on me that the movie was still relevant to many of the concepts I was teaching.

The story revolved around three college freshmen who realized that going to school was more than just a quest to getting their college degrees, rather, it is really a stop in one’s life journey. The learned that the important lessons in life were not just taken from within the four walls of the classroom but that it really went beyond that.

In my class, we did talk about the changing dynamics of education, especially in the past few years. As an educator, I  have seen an influx of very, very young students in masters programs in various universities. In fact, some of my old students ask me to fill up endorsement forms and letters of recommendation for graduate school immediately after they graduate. This lead us to questioning how these decisions influence later life choices and developmental needs and goals. Suffice it to say, these class discussions have really given me a new perspective on the way my students think and how different things are from the time of the movie I mentioned earlier. While there may be differences, however, I think the core components of this life stage still remain: this is the period where adolescents and young adults really search for their identity and step on a path that leads them to their future.

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Mar 27, 2011

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Exam Mode

Welcome to a random rant by Teacher Ria.

Just FYI (not that you really need to know but now you do nonetheless), one of the things I hate most about teaching is making exams. I so hate having to think  up of  multiple choice questions and so on and so forth. Why, you ask? Well, because for me, learning is more than just a test score. However, given that I can only read so much essays and papers in a given time, I have to do this. Plus, to be fair, some students really thrive on these kinds of tests right?

Yes, I’m still complaining though. Haha. Random much I know.

Back to thinking up of questions to ask. See ya peeps.

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Mar 27, 2011

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No Hands Zone! Hisense Launches Multipoint Wireless Mobility

A few months ago I wrote a post about Justin Bieber and Charice signing the No Texting Zone Pact on the Oprah Winfrey show and so when I got an invitation to the launch of of Hisense Wireless Wonders headsets and Bluetooth accessories, I did not hesitate to attend. Being highly dependent on my mobile phone and given that my many jobs requires me to be out of the house for long periods of time, I thought it best to check out these new gadgets and to see if they will suit my busy lifestyle.

What exactly was launched during the event? Well, for one, we were introduced to the line of Multipoint Headsets and other Bluetooth Accessories that can make mobile connectivity simpler, quicker and most of all, safer. These devices allow you to pair multiple devices thus allowing you to connect hands-free with no hassles of having to pair and re-pair devices repeatedly. The multipoint feature of the Hisense HB200M headsets allow you to even connect simultaneously with two different phones, even if they are under different network providers. Thus, you are always ready to receive your calls with instant connectivity.

Hisense also introduced the HB650S Car kit (which I seriously wanted to win during the raffle, hehe!). Given that I spend so much time in my car, having this will definitely reduce risks as I take calls from time to time. Yes, I know we shouldn’t use the phone while driving, but…well, this definitely makes it safer, right? :) What’s good about the car kit is that it has a Smart TTS (Text to Speech) feature enables it to inform you who is calling, without you needing to check on the display.

Adding to the versatility of Hisense Bluetooth devices is the fact that it is designed for both fashion and functionality. Whether its for work or for play, these devices will definitely add some flair to wireless mobility.

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Mar 27, 2011

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Part-time Woes

I have always loved the fact that I work part-time. I love the flexibility it gives me in terms of managing my schedule and allowing me to do many other things that I love, such as go to yoga, have my “me days” and just take it easy over the weekends. However, every once in a while I am reminded of the little hassles that come with a part-time position, especially now that it’s tax season and that the school year is ending. Yes, granted it’s not that hard to do, it’s still a hassle, right? Haha. Also, being in a part-time position means I have to do a lot of extra paperwork for application of, let’s say, medicare supplement plans. Unlike full time employees, it doesn’t come automatically, I have to file for it. To be fair, however, I get to enjoy the benefit as well, although not completely subsidized. Then again, it’s a small price to pay for all the other things I get to enjoy given my part-time position right?

Okay…I will stop complaining now and get back to work :) See ya peeps.

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