Sep 19, 2010

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Story Stretchers: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

One of my favorite stories for class is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. As I shared in a past post, I once was lucky enough to come across a real caterpillar about the same time we were discussing the story, thus we were able to use it as one great story stretcher. I also was able to use the story as an inspiration for my classroom decoration.

One other story stretcher that you can add to your collection is a video such as this:

For sure, the kids will love this!

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Jul 10, 2010

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My Concept Wall

It’s been over a month since classes started and I realized I still have not posted what my classroom concept wall looks like. With no further ado, here it is!
The caterpillar is actually a recycled one from my Toddlers days but I love it so much I decided to keep it, even if my students don’t really need it. For the calendar, I decided to up the ante by having the kids master the concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

My favorite feature, however, is the reading train. My co-teacher painted that over the summer :-) There are a series of pockets which currently hold our various word lists. An alternative I was thinking of is tracking titles of books we read throughout the month. Fun idea, huh? :-)

Join in and jump aboard the reading train!

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May 7, 2010

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Sprucing up my classroom

Today I spent the whole morning browsing all sorts of scrapbooking programs and clip art collections we had installed in the school computer looking for inspiration to help me spruce up my classroom walls and windows. This year we decided to have our designs digitally printed with a tarpaulin instead of the usual paint and paper that we use. The last time I decorated my classroom wall, I probably spent a whole week painstakingly cutting out art paper to glue to the walls for my cutey-patootey garden. This is what it looked like:

not the best lighting for a photo, but you get the idea :-)

Each flower petal and leaf was cut out individually. Wasn’t it cute? However, I realized that it’s not the most cost-efficient way of decorating my classroom walls, especially since the kids end up picking on it till it peels! To be fair, it lasted for 2 years so I guess it was worth the effort!

However, like I said, this year we decided to use tarpaulins for my new classroom for two reasons: it comes out more cost-effective and the classroom where I’ll be staying at this year is in the open-air section of the school. Sometimes, when it rains really hard and I forget to close the windows, the stuff gets wet! We also had leaking problems with the roof by the wall where I intend to decorate so if I used the usual paint-and-paper decors, that would be a nightmare.

I haven’t found my classroom design yet, but I think I’ve decided on a playground theme this year. I’ve done garden, city and sea in the past so for this next year, I’m excited about the play theme. Any suggestions? For the next two weeks I’ll be trying to compile photos or patterns to use for my design while the carpenters and technicians change the paint, fix the roof, install new light fixtures, a fire alarm and a door chime to replace the current one which seems to be grounded and has it’s wires sticking out. In the meantime, I will surf the web for more inspiration!

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May 6, 2009

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My Classroom Window.

For many preschool teachers, the month of May means getting the classroom ready. Okay, so I’m running a wee bit late myself! I’m still trying to decide on a classroom theme for this year. Last year I went with a garden themed room. Maybe because it was my first year back from a two year hiatus, I went a bit overboard. Here is my classroom window.
arts and crafts glass painting windows

I love painting on glass windows because it gives the transparent, boring glass life. However, because I had no poster paint on hand I had to find an alternative. Then, chancing upon a pile of scrap cut-up colored papers, I decided to used these! I cut the shapes individually then glued them to the window :-) Unfortunately, because the glass is hit by almost direct sunlight daily, the colors of the papers have faded. Nonetheless this window became inspiration for many class projects for the kids. We sure used a lot of recycled paper and scraps for art projects!

For this year, maybe I’ll go with a city theme. Or maybe a zoo. Suggestions?

by the way, I wanna share this glass window with the rest of the readers of Window Views, a weekly meme featuring, yup, you guessed it, windows.

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