Jan 2, 2011

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Start The Year Right with a ToyWatch from ToyWatch Philippines

One of the things I hate the most, be it in my students or people I work with (in fact, even with friends) is how often punctuality is not observed. I really hate how the whole construct of  “Filipino Time” has become such a deeply ingrained habit in many. I have to admit, because people around me are often late and have that mentality, I tend to think along those lines every now and then, but I really hate it to bits so I try my best to be on time.

Now, if you are one of those people who are always late, perhaps it’s time for you to change that! Wouldn’t that be a neat New Years Resolution? One big step to accomplishing that is by investing in a good watch. However, if you’re feeling Fun, Colorful, Fabulous or Bold, you can have the chance to snag one of these snazzy watches by simply submitting your photo in one of the four categories in the ToyWatch photo contest.Mechanics are quite simple to follow and the prizes at stake are more than just fun, colorful, fabulous and bold!!!

For me, this is what I would love to win from ToyWatch Philippines :)

Pretty, right? This is only one of the many chic and sassy ToyWatch designs . These watches range from about Php 12,000 to Php 35,000 and are available Rustan’s Gateway Mall, Shangri-la, and Makati.

These time pieces have been known to grace many a celebrities wrists. Wouldn’t it be so fab to have one too?  So what are you waiting for? You have only till January 4, 2011 to snap up that winning shot :) Good luck!!!

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Oct 11, 2010

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Thanks for Showing Your Real Love!

It’s been a week since I launched my support for the Real Love Campaign for the benefit of Kythe Foundation. Thank you to all those who dropped by and joined, or perhaps simply liked the Real Love Facebook Page. I wish I could give all 10 of you who joined my contest a prize, but I can only pick one…and the winner is:

Being a psychologist myself, I know how important resilience is to recovery so I’m glad echertweena recognized the value of this too. Also, it’s not enough that we “like” the Facebook page…we all need to get together to raise awareness for the disease.

Congratulations to the winner and to all who supported the cause, a big, big THANK YOU!!!

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Oct 3, 2010

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Show Your Real Love!

I think it is no secret, especially to those who read my blogs a lot, that my Lolo is my hero. It has been 14 years since we lost him, and though the pain and sadness of not having him around has faded, it never really goes away. Although he was diagnosed initially with emphysema, he eventually succumbed to cancer in 1996. Our family has had a long history of battling this deadly disease, which claims so many lives yearly. Even my mom had her own uterine cancer scare a few years back after she had given birth to my youngest brother and in all honesty, this is also why my personal PCOS related woes kinda scare me to the highest heavens all the time things don’t go well health wise. In my head I do know prevention is better than cure, which is actually why I opted to get myself vaccinated against HPV, which is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer, but right now, I’m butting heads with my doctor because of it hehe.

I realized that one thing that helped my family a lot get through all those cancer scares and difficulties was the fact that we had a good support system to lean on. However, not everyone has that. This is why when I was invited by Ms. Janette Toral to support the Real Love Campaign for the benefit of Kythe Foundation, an organization that provides support and psychosocial services for children with cancer, I did not hesitate to include it as one of my personal advocacies.

The Real Love Campaign is led by Unilever Foodsolutions. You too are invited to support the cause by simply “liking” their official Facebook Page. By just clicking on that “like” button, you help make a difference. How? For every 1,000 “Like” entries until it reaches 10,000 fans, Unilever Foodsolutions will donate 1,000 sandwiches to the different Kythe partner hospitals.  Not bad, right? (SO CLICK NOW!!! hehe)

You can also support the cause by buying a special Team Manila Shirt (especially designed for this campaign) for only Php 550. The shirt comes in both mens and womens sizes.

You can also WIN one of these limited edition shirts by simply supporting my little contest here in The Accidental Teacher :-) The mechanics are simple. Just complete the statement:  “I will share my love to the kids of Kythe by____________”. Post your answer in the comment section below and on October 10, 2010,  one lucky winner will take home the special Team Manila shirt :-) Winners, however, must be Philippine residents only.

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Sep 7, 2009

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Teach the World The Sweetness of Gratitude.

Teaching little kids the magic words “please” and “thank you” isn’t always very difficult. By simply demonstrating it consistently at every occasion helps them incorporate these words in their vocabulary. However, making them remember the value of gratitude and what these words really mean is another story, especially as they get older. At times, it seems, saying thank you can become almost mechanical and automatic, but not really heartfelt. What’s even more sad is that as people get older, we take so many things for granted — including showing our gratitude.

I surely have had a lot to be grateful for this past year. Perhaps, like many of us, I have taken it for granted. So I am taking this opportunity to thank my BLOGGER FRIENDS for changing my life in so many ways. While many of you may not believe it, I am a painfully shy person (YES I AM!!!). However, being given the opportunity to know you guys and hang out in events , I have learned not only how to get along with others, but to also work towards being a better person as a whole.

I am grateful for my blogger friends!

I am grateful for my blogger friends!

There are still a whole lot of other blogger friends whom I have no pictures with, so please do know my heartfelt gratitude goes out to you guys too!

As we celebrate the 3rd National Thank You Day on October 20, 2009 sponsored by the internationally renowned Swiss chocolate Toblerone,  let us make a sincere effort in making the words “thank you” more than just words we say out loud.

With that, I’d like to invite you all to join me in spreading the Sweetness of Gratitude by not just saying thank you, but by coming up with a creative photo expressing your gratitude and joining the Toblerone Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Competition.

Contest Mechanics are as follows:

Who: any one in the Greater Manila Area can join the photo contest.

What: Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Contest. Take this chance to get creative and thank the people who definitely deserve it!

When: the contest runs from 2pm of today, September 7, 2009 until 5pm of October 16.

Why:  other than to express our gratitude, you can also have the chance to win a Toblerone Gift pack! More details on the prizes below.


1. Take a creative photo expressing you gratitude or thanks. The photo must be your original work and you must have permission to release the photo. If minors are included in the photo, please make sure you have permission from the minor’s parent or guardian.

2. One entry per participant only.

3. Post your entry in your own website (blogs and social networking sites such as Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, etc. are welcome) and link this to the gallery found in www.thankyoudayphilippines.com.

4. Post your link in the  comments section  here in my blog so it qualifies as an entry in my blog. Please include a valid email address so I can notify you if you are in my short list.

5. On October 16, I will choose 5 finalists from the valid entries here in my blog which will be submitted to GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc. From all the shortlisted entries submitted by various bloggers, 3 winners will be selected by a panel composed of employees of the Sponsor and its PR Agency, GMCI. The 5 selected finalists from my blog will receive a thank you kit.

6. Awarding of the Top 3 entries will be on October 20, 2009 during the National Thank You Day Awards. Winners will receive a Toblerone Gift Pack.

For more details and other mechanics go to www.thankyoudayphilippines.com.

So come on…let’s all teach the world the sweetness of gratitude!

UPDATE:  Deadline for submissions extended to NOVEMBER 10 at 5pm. More time for you to think about what you are grateful for!!!

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Jul 27, 2009

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The Ultimate Pampering Experience: A Caprichosa Spa Party.

Being the busy teacher that I am, I often have to be reminded to take some time out for myself to take care of ME. Lucky for me, my friend and fellow blogger Lace invited me to a day of pampering with a Caprichosa Spa Party. Lucky for me it was scheduled on a day that was not too toxic! Since I was blessed with such a wonderful experience, I’m sharing this luck with you  my dear readers with MY LATEST CONTEST!

Before that though, let me tell you about my Caprichosa Spa Party experience.

We arrived at the home of managing partner Lil Padilla and I was blown away by the way they set up the house. It truly looked like a spa, so much so that I thought it WAS a spa! From tafetta hanging in the ceiling, rose petals scattered on the walkway, aromatherapy and calming music, the set-up alone was relaxing already. Then we were treated to a wonderful foot spa and a soothing massage. It was heavenly!!!

The concept of a spa party is brilliant. As partners Lil and Carlo explained, a party should not be stressful, it should be fun and enjoyable.  However, often times party hosts are not able to enjoy thier own parties because they’re worrying to much about the set-up and all. Not when you have a Caprichosa Spa Party planned. The basic package they offer already includes decorations, music, and basic spa equipment. Add-on services can include provisions of wine, gift bags and even catering services can also be arranged. How simple can planning your party be, right? From bridal showers, debuts, reunions and even a “get-over-a-heartbreak party”, a Caprichosa Spa Party  will definitely be an enjoyable, indulgent treat. Imagine, taking the lavishness of a spa into the privacy of your own home for you and your guests! Packages start at a minimum of 6,000 consumable fee. Check out the Caprichosa Spa website or Facebook Fan Page,or get in touch with Lil and Carlo at caprichosaspa@gmail.com.

Reach Lil and Carlo at  or try out their services at

for more details.  Better yet, join my contest to win a full body massage in the Caprichosa Day Spa!

Joining is just as simple as planning your own spa party. All it takes are three simple steps:

1. Answer this question “How would you make your Caprichosa Spa Party uniquely yours?” . Your answer can include added services, products, themes, music or anything you’d like to see/get/have during the spa party.

2. Become a fan of the Caprichosa Spa Facebook page.

3. Subscribe to my blog :-)

See, simple right???  The most creative and unique answer wins the massage, granted, of course, that the other conditions were met as well. Contest is open to all, although preferably Philippine/Manila residents and ends August 9, 2009 August 12, 2009. One Winner will be announced shortly thereafter.  Should the winner from outside Metro Manila be chosen, he or she may opt to give the prize to whomever they choose :-)

As an added bonus, friends and readers of my blog will receive a free bottle of wine when you schedule your own Caprichosa Spa Party by just simply mentioning my name :-)

Massage can be claimed at the Caprichosa Day Spa located in   126 Armstrong Ave. Moonwalk Village Phase 1, Paranaque City. Prize is transferable but not convertible to cash.

photos taken from AzraelColadilla.com and the Caprichosa Spa Facebook Fan Page

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