Apr 1, 2010

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Enjoy an eggciting Easter ending at the Marriott Manila!

The Holy Week is one of the most revered and sacred holidays for most Christians. It is a time to reflect, repent and return to the Lord who so graciously gave up His life for His people. It is also a time for families to reconnect and bond. The Marriott Manila opens its doors to patrons for a blissful family retreat where mommies, daddies and their kids can enjoy a relaxing weekend together. As an added bonus, the Marriott will be having an exciting activities planned for the family on the 4th of April in commemoration of Easter Sunday.

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Aug 19, 2009

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Family Fun Time.

It’s right around that time when students are bombarded with their quarterly examinations and completion of first quarter requirements. It definitely is a stressful time for both kids and moms alike. While some parents capitalize on the weekends to catch up on lessons and do some advanced reading, I am a firm believer in keeping weekends fun family bonding time.

In my many years of teaching, I have noticed how different school work has become. It seems that children are expected to learn so much more in shorter amounts of time. Sometimes I am shocked at the concepts being discussed as early as the first grade. Also, kids seem to need more tutoring and academic support, as compared to how it was when I was younger. This deserves it’s own blog post in the future, but for now, I’d like to focus on this: spend weekends for fun.

Taking the kids to the park or the mall, watching a movie, or playing boardgames at home as a family, for example, does not necessarily have to be just a “fun” experience. These can be venues for lifelong learning of important life skills.

Speaking of having family fun time, this Saturday, August 22, Skecher’s is sponsoring Sky Cable’s Kids Play Day 2 at the Rockwell Tent from 1pm to 5pm. Games and activities are in store for kids of all ages. Cool prizes await lucky winners of the various games, including the Skechers Kids “Tie Your Shoelace” stage game. 

This exciting event is exclusive for Sky Cable Subscribers.  Reserve your invites by calling 631-0000 from 10 AM to 7 PM.* Reservation starts at 12:30 PM where seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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