Sep 30, 2010

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Field Trip Reminders!

One of the kids’ favorite activities EVER are field trips. I don’t think this ever goes away…even my college kids ask me to take them on little field trips all the time! However, for the teachers, field trips can be a logistical nightmare. Sometimes it can get difficult to iron out the kinks of any trip, but somehow it always works out. Some tips to keep in mind, however are as follows:

  • Make sure all teachers are given copies of all lists needed (bus assignments, special considerations, etc.). That way everyone is on the same page.
  • Keep a list of parents numbers handy, just in case of emergency
  • Stock up the first aid kit. Be ready for anything.
  • Bring extra water, clothes, barf bags, cleaning aides and the like. With kids, anything can go wrong at any moment!
  • Check on the policies of the places you are visiting, so you can prepare for these. For example, if you do a theater activity, do note that snacks are not allowed, therefore the kids, their nannies and parents should be reminded to leave these in the bus instead, especially since checking them in to the counter can take a long time.
  • Try to get travel and0 emergency insurance quotes included in your tour packages, even if this may up the rates a little bit. It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry, right?

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Jun 23, 2009

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An Icy Adventure at the Science Discovery Center.

Growing up science was always a chore for me to learn. No offense to my science teachers, but for the most part, complex lectures about science principles were not very interesting, especially for someone like me who is a visual-kinesthetic learner. Kids nowadays, however, can learn science in a FUN and INTERESTING way!

Located in the Southside Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia is a world of wonder and discovery — The Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center. It is said to be the country’s premiere science museum. Unlike most museums where one just looks and observes, the center features over 400 hands-on and interactive exhibits which are aggregated into 9 galleries. From a talking fish to shaking floors, virtual sports games and flying airplanes, it a trip to the Science Discovery Center will definitely be great fun.

Besides the amazing and wowing exhibits, the center features the Philippines’ most advanced planetarium and dome theater. It was here that bloggers, media, school representative and other guests were treated to the gala premiere of the theaters latest feature, Ice Worlds.

Ice Worlds is a documentary that highlights the delicate balance between ice, water and our very existence on this planet. Narrated by British Actress Emily Watson, the film offers brilliant eye catching images of wonderful icy landscapes.

The event was presented by SMART and sponsored by Nestle Nido Fortified, Coca-Cola, and BDO. It was supported by WWF Philippines, Mrs.Field’s Cookie Cafe, Digipost, A-Z Direct Marketing, and Timelife. Yehey.com was the online media partner.

Perhaps for my preschoolers, this would not be a very interesting field trip, but for middle graders, it will definitely be a lot of fun. For inquiries and ticket reservations, call 556-2153 Group booking is also entertained at 556-0331.

*some photos courtesy of Azrael Coladilla

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