Aug 19, 2009

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Family Fun Time.

It’s right around that time when students are bombarded with their quarterly examinations and completion of first quarter requirements. It definitely is a stressful time for both kids and moms alike. While some parents capitalize on the weekends to catch up on lessons and do some advanced reading, I am a firm believer in keeping weekends fun family bonding time.

In my many years of teaching, I have noticed how different school work has become. It seems that children are expected to learn so much more in shorter amounts of time. Sometimes I am shocked at the concepts being discussed as early as the first grade. Also, kids seem to need more tutoring and academic support, as compared to how it was when I was younger. This deserves it’s own blog post in the future, but for now, I’d like to focus on this: spend weekends for fun.

Taking the kids to the park or the mall, watching a movie, or playing boardgames at home as a family, for example, does not necessarily have to be just a “fun” experience. These can be venues for lifelong learning of important life skills.

Speaking of having family fun time, this Saturday, August 22, Skecher’s is sponsoring Sky Cable’s Kids Play Day 2 at the Rockwell Tent from 1pm to 5pm. Games and activities are in store for kids of all ages. Cool prizes await lucky winners of the various games, including the Skechers Kids “Tie Your Shoelace” stage game. 

This exciting event is exclusive for Sky Cable Subscribers.  Reserve your invites by calling 631-0000 from 10 AM to 7 PM.* Reservation starts at 12:30 PM where seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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May 29, 2009

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Unleash Your Talent!

The Filipino Youth as a cesspool of great talent. As a teacher of these individuals, I have been fortunate enough to see what potentials they have. With that said, allow me to share this invitation with you:

Marc Ecko in cooperation with Ms. Clavel magazine invites you the Ecko Unltd. Art Battle event at 5PM on May 30th, 2009 at the Cinema Lobby of Trinoma, featuring live art installation by Weewilldoodle and Pilipinas Street Plan.

Ecko Unltd. is driven by a simple belief: that no one needs to be corralled into a single aesthetic viewing the world with a voracious curiosity, finding inspiration at every turn.

With sales around the world in countries full of youth with artistic talent and passion – the time has come to open our apparel collection to new artistic palettes.

If you have the talent – This is your chance to take part in the first Ecko Unltd. Global Art Battle. Marc Ecko will select winners from each country and their art will be featured in the Ecko Unltd. Spring 2010 collection.

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May 16, 2009

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Dine with PAWS.

Before Bubba came to my life, I did not care much about animals. For me, they were just insignificant creatures. However, as Bubba worked his magic on me, I started realizing that they were not insignificant at all. In fact, Bubba has taught me a lot of important life lessons, many of which I’ve written about here and here.

This is why when I read about the charity dinner PAWS is organizing, I knew immediately I wanted to take him. It sounds like a fun event that Bubba and I will definitely get to enjoy. Plus it helps raise funds and awareness for the plight of many of the unwanted, abandoned and abused animals that PAWS helps protect.

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Apr 22, 2009

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Picking the Right Shoe.

As early as now, I’m sure many mommies and daddies are already gearing up for the upcoming school year. Although I would suppose shoes would be the last thing parents would look for, especially since kids’ feet grow oh-so-quickly, let me offer my two cents worth on picking the right shoe for your kids, especially for preschool-aged children.

There are many websites around offering suggestions and tips on how to shop for shoes for the kids. They talk about comfort, taking the kids along to fit each pair and not just rely on a particular number as a size, and so on and so forth, but as a preschool teacher, these for me are the most practical tips to keep in mind, and perhaps a reason why I feel this way:

1. Pick a shoe that does not have shoelaces that need to be tied. In my practice, I have seen many accidents caused by shoelaces. For safety reasons, I always advice my parents to purchase shoes that do not have these. Aside for safety, shoes with laces sort of defeat my the purpose of teaching the child independence. Perhaps when the child is in the Seniors level/Prep, laces would be okay because they can manage to tie their shoes already. But two, three year olds, not too great.  Nowadays, however, there are shoes with laces that do not need to be tied, just like this one:


2. Should the shoes your child already has have shoelaces, using devices such as the Bow Biter is a good alternative. These were quite popular when I was a teenager, but went out of the market for some time. According to my friend Google, these are now available again. In the Philippines, however, I’m not too sure.

3. Velcro is your best friend. Of all types, I love shoes with velcro for kids best. Unlike regular slip-ons, these types of shoes have enough strapping to tighten its hold on their little feet and yet lessen the need for someone to help them put it on. In the same manner, rubber shoes/running shoes with velcro gives them opportunities for independence.dora86838_wlvm

4. Sling-backs. I think any type of footwear for toddlers should have some form of a strap or sling to hold them in place. These are also easy to wear. Clog-type shoes or flip flops without the slings are a little difficult for them to manage.


5. Always pick a rubber soled shoe. 97% of kids will not sit quietly in school or in a playground. They will run, explore and climb! With rubber soled shoes, the kids can be safe as they explore. This is also quite comfortable for them.

6. For young kids, avoid shoes with wheels, heels, cris-crossing straps and buckles for one simple reason: it’s dangerous. Perhaps another reason I would personally avoid heels for kids is because their balance is not that great yet, plus this may be a cause for foot damage. I’m no podiatrist, but I would that my philosophy about the whole heel thing makes sense.

I am not battling with the shoe industry here, but offering my suggestions to parents to allow them to have a more educated decision making process for buying shoes for their kids.

Incidentally, this Saturday, April 25, Skechers, an award-winning shoe brand, is holding a Sponge Bob and Dora Wave Party at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field from 2-6pm. Entrance is free! The kids can enjoy a day of fun and games while mom and dad scour the Skechers booth for some fab shoes at 30% off.  Plus the kids get to take home all sorts of goodies!


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