Nov 21, 2010

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It’s The Happiest Day of the Year!

Oh no….I’m not talking about Christmas here….for people like me, Cyber Monday sure can beat Christmas as the happiest day of the year, teeeheeeheeee….

Being such a gadget enthusiast, I am sure looking forward to what great deals would be available then and yes, I have commissioned my dear sister to help me out with the shipping of things should it be better to have it shipped to her instead of directly to me. If I had an unlimited supply of free flowing cash to splurge with, I sure wouldn’t mind getting the following on Cyber Monday:

  • an iPad
  • a projector for school!
  • my dream machine: the iMac
  • the Sony cybershot camera with sweep panorama in 3D (errr…I forget the model right now mwahaha)
  • an LCD TV
  • an android phone

yes…Cyber Monday is the ♥. Now if only there was enough cash stocked up in my Paypal account teeeheeeheeee…

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Nov 3, 2010

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Dear Students, Part 2.

Hello there Dears,

Yes, it is me again, your teacher.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this side of me…the side that gets soooo overwhelmed and upset with the fact that no matter how hard I try, I can’t not let your behavior get to me. And like last time, I find myself so frustrated with things that happened in class and I thought it best to let you know how I feel about it.

So here it goes: like in my last letter to you, I’d like to remind you that while I may be one of the most lenient and “child”- centered teachers you will ever meet, please don’t forget that I am human too….and that I can only take so much pushing before I tip over and lose the smile I try to keep while we’re together. Please remember that I ask very little of you, especially since I am one of those teachers who firmly believes that it is not the facts and figures that you remember in my class that matters, but that you actually liked what you learned and how you got to learn this in my class. I like letting you have fun because for me, this is what really makes learning more meaningful and life changing. As I often tell you in class, aanhin mo naman lahat ng theories kung hindi mo rin gagamitin, diba? Also, please remember that more than just doing well in my activities and exams, what really counts for me is to see you become better people and this is not measured simply by scores in tests, but by your character, behavior and attitude. I feel at times that no matter how hard I try to help you find it, the lost art of respect, gratitude and proper etiquette is an impossibility…..but I am trying very hard not to believe that, because what kind of a world would we have if that becomes a fact, right?

So yes, today I got my buttons pushed by you guys and yes, I tried hard to remain calm and focused on the bigger picture. What I ask from you now, however, is that you not make it too hard for me to keep on wanting to do what I do in class because believe me, in as much as I looooove it to bits, there are days when I have to think about it.

Oh, do know while today may not have been such a wonderful day for me, do know that I have had so much fun and felt so much joy while teaching you guys. If you could only see my Facebook wall after class, more often than not I sing (well, you know what I mean!) praises of you all the time because many, many times, I take away more than I would have expected from class. The little jokes we exchange, the pseudo-intellectual conversations we carry on, and yes, the heartfelt discussions we have really make my day. And yes…that’s what keeps me going. That’s what makes me stay true to being not just a teacher, but a teacher here in the Philippines despite the fact that my contemporaries have found greener pastures elsewhere.

Till next time, but hopefully in better circumstances,

Miss Ria

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Oct 25, 2010

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But You’re Too Small to Be the Daddy!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my children play bahay-bahayan (play house) in class. In fact, I don’t recall them doing so last school year at all, when I was handling the Juniors Class. This year, however, I started seeing them play pretend during rest time. I’d hear conversations between them about how mommy will read brother a bedtime story and that daddy needs to finish his documents in the computer, etc. etc. It’s been interesting to see their play dynamics.

Last week, however, I was surprised when one of the kids suddenly blurted out “but you can’t be the daddy, you’re too small” to one of the smaller boys in class. True, he is smaller than many other kids but I wasn’t expecting that. The little girl who said that went on to say, “so if you want to be daddy, you have to drink medicine so you get taller na”. Um…err…medicine? I blame this on the commercials on television that keep promoting whatever vitamins with hgh and whatever growth factor supplements. After my initial amazement at the whole discussion, I talked to the kids about how physical looks (size, weight, etc.) should never be an indicator of what one can or cannot do.

In the end, the little boy was daddy for the day :-)

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Sep 18, 2010

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Kids Know More than We Think They Do

I am the type of person who gets irked easily and in class, that is one of the biggest struggles I face. While the kids rarely get my goat, I do lose my cool every now and then, especially when my colleagues are not meeting my expectations. This is why I try my best to do things on my own instead so I don’t have to make others feel bad.

However, one bad day, I kinda wasn’t able to hide it as much as I could, even though I thought I was doing a good job. I had gotten ticked off by a misunderstanding with my co-teacher with regards to an activity and so I thought I had taken a deep breath and let the incident slide. Apparently, my kids were honing in on that vibe. How did I know? Well, one of my kids pointed it out. He goes:

Kid 1: Teacher, mad ka ba sa amin? (Teacher are you mad at us?)

Me:  Oh no, T, I’m not mad at you guys.

Kid 2: Weh…you’re mad kaya, look at you. (Oh, but you are, just look at you!)

I had to burst out laughing with that. I guess even though I tried to veil my annoyance in a smile and all, the kids were aware of the change in mood and response.

I guess this is true, too, in other situations, such as in the home. For example, I had a little boy in class ask once, “Teacher, why when mommy and daddy are fighting, they talk in spelling? (hehe….we all do this when talking about sensitive stuff in front of kids, right? Spell out these words so they don’t understand?). So as much as we try to cloak things in a smile, kids really know more than we think they do.

I think it makes more sense to admit that you are upset rather than hide it and pretend. I have learned to say “Yes, Teacher is upset because she does not like (whatever behavior happened)” and the kids have responded well. Plus, this had been good for me, I think. This realization highlights one thing for me: kids think and understand things more than we expect them to.

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Sep 16, 2010

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Making the Most of the World Wide Web

I have been so busy these past three days because we are starting a new trimester at the university I teach in. On one hand, I am glad that the classes I am teaching now are those that I have handled in the past, thus I don’t have to start everything from scratch, but on the other, I miss the challenge of learning a new subject.

One thing that never changes, however, despite the subjects I handle, is that I always remind my students to maximize resources available for them to make learning my subject easily. For example, while I still emphasize that Wikipedia should not be used as a formal source for research and papers they write, they are free to browse it and read the articles there because it really helps simplify more complex topics.

For someone like me, who grew up hating reading books and journals, having the web sure makes things easier, and it’s not just for academic stuff. From canvassing the best prices for gadgets, to getting the best life insurance quotes, and tracking down rare items for collections, the World Wide Web makes everything more accessible. Add to this, isn’t it more fun than browsing through catalogs and dusty books in a library?!?

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