Jun 3, 2010

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Sight-seeing in the SLEX

Last night I was stuck in the expressway-slash-parking lot for ages. The normal short drive from work, which takes less than half an hour if I leave school after 9 pm, took over two and a half hours. I wiled away the time on my mobile phone writing notes and what-not. But I could only do that for so long, so I began sight-seeing. Well, billboard seeing that is! Normally I don’t get to look at them much since I am driving, so I usually just get a glance.

Anyway, last night I was amazed at the sheer number of billboards there are. It’s like every hundred meters has one! From shoes, cough medicines, internet providers and beauty/cosmetology centers (whether for an acne skin product or various treatments). While I think our government has to start regulating these billboards in the name of safety (especially in EDSA where the billboards can be so mesmerizing, especially those with bright lights and are animated), I was glad for once that they were there to keep my entertained throughout my painfully long trip.

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