Nov 20, 2010

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Little Bits of Sunshine

One of the things I will miss the most when I no longer teach my Little Chickens (a.k.a. the seniors class. For some reason they’ve taken to calling me Momma Chicken (or shark, or tiger, and lets not forget cougar at times!). One day they decided that since I’m their momma whaterver, they became little chickens), are the random bits of sunshine they throw my way. From unexpected hugs to hilarious comments, and even those little endearing puppy-dog-please-please-please-teacher-eyes they send my way, these are little bits of sunshine that brighten up even the most dismal and difficult days.

Not too long ago, I was having a really bad day. But one of my little chickens threw such a bright ray of sunshine my way I couldn’t help but feel the love.

oct. 15, 2010. today wasn't all good.... blame in on bad dreams and kulit dogs that don't let me sleep, being too nice to people who i should know better than to be nice to (but then again i'd like to still think being nice is a good thing...butbutbut...lets not go there), knowing i hurt some people without meaning to, having to deal with unexpected requirements... but...lookie what i found in my bag ♥ dear god, thank you for these little reminders that despite everything, there is always something nice in every day ♥

happy, happy sigh :-)

I am so gonna miss this.

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Oct 20, 2010

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It’s Thank You Day!

I almost forgot…

Today is Thank You Day. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since this site hosted Toblerone‘s Spread The Sweetness of Gratitude contest in honor of Thank You Day. Today, I am thankful for being reminded that I have the chance to do just that everyday, no matter how bad a day I may be having :-)

And so while today wasn’t a perfect day for me, I am making a choice to take the time  say thank you nonetheless, for the big and little things that have come my way :-) For today, this includes the virtual hugs shared by my online friends, and for the real hugs my little kids in class gave me today. This includes, too, heart-warming comments posted on my blogs i am woman, hear me rawr! and Fat Girl No More. Lastly, I am still thankful for simple reminders that come my way that tell me despite whatever troubles and stresses come my way, cliché as it may be, that this too shall pass and that yes, while I seem to have misplaced my happy vibe a wee bit since yesterday, I am finding my way back to it, so for that, I am grateful :-)

What are you thankful for today? Do drop by the Toblerone Pilipinas Facebook Fan Page and Click on the Notes section to share your story of gratitude and join in on their Thank You Day Promo!

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May 7, 2010

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Cheers to Second Moms!

When I first started graduate school, I did not only have the chance to learn new things that allowed me to become a better person, but I was also able to meet one of the most influential and inspirational women I have ever crossed paths with. For many psychology students of DLSU, she is known regarded as a big favorite and an excellent teacher. For me, she was (and is) more than a teacher. Through her I have learned what it really means to be happy and how to be able to be true to myself. By working with her in all the different ways we have been doing so (as a teacher, as a colleague, as a mentor and all other roles we have shared) I have really been able to equip myself with the life skills needed to be a good person. In many ways, she has changed my life.

This Mother’s Day, I am taking the time out to recognize not just my own mother, but also all the phenomenal women out there who are like second moms to me.

To my classroom moms, mentor moms and most specially to online moms (a.k.a. editors, blogging gurus, and plurk supporters!), thank you for all the love, support and encouragement you have given me these past years.

Let me invite you, too, my dear readers, to say “Cheers” to your Second Moms, whoever they may be. These wonderful women, be it your lola, tita, yaya, office mentor, kindergarten teacher, deserve a big thanks on this special day. What better way to spread the love and gratitude than by giving them a special Toblerone bouquet, designed especially by Michi Calica? Be sure to log on to www.toblerone.com.ph and check out this fab contest to to discover new ways to thank those 2nd moms on Mothers’ Day.

Toblerone Bouquet by Michi Calica

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